Monday, January 25, 2010

Bloggin on blogging

Now, I have a few interests besides gardening and one of those is climate change, so I like to cruise around a bit to see what's going on. I'm firmly on the side of the Warmists by the way, but I do like to check out how the sceptics are thinking, so I spend a bit of time poking round in those blogs as well. Anyway, this last week I have been looking at one particular blog that has left me spitting, so much so that I had thought of dedicating a post solely to that. But, hey, it's a free country and he is entitled to his say, but by the same token I'm entitled to not have to listen to him, so I'm not. This particular blog is at what I consider to be the butt end of the sceptical and attracts the type of commenter's that can't quite foot it with the big boys. You know the type, takes weeks to scrub the stupid off after a visit.

Thankfully there is a saner blogging world outside those echo chambers and you will find a few of them in my blog list over there. <<<<<<<  If you care to follow the blog lists on those sites you are sure to find thousands more. This is where the action is, these are the folk who don't worry too much with the bull, they just get on with the job. A community, sharing ideas, tips and tricks to make life a little easier in a changing world. I think these are the folk who will make the difference, they know the real problem is greed. If a few of those plonkers took a look outside their petty little world they would get the fright of their lives. There are people everywhere working on all sorts of stuff, from backyard wind farms to growing veg in a pot.

This is where I want to be, crack on folks we'll show those useless pollies and gabfest clowns how to get the job done.

PS. The cartoons are from an exchange I had with my American mate Glen, on a building forum while building my house. Glen lives in a real neat hobbit hole in California.


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